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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Originally Posted by niko
im a few hours in and i like it a lot better. i thought the level design in the first one was ehh.. a lot of the early levels were boring and i just didnt feel like playing through it. This one, its harder but more fun at the same time. This one doesn't hold your hand, some of the timing required is much more remincisent of the old games.

BTW, people saying Super Mario Bros (the wii one) was easy, even the 7th and 8th worlds? Some of those boards required sick timing, especially with a few people.

yeah the level of difficulty definitely reminds me of the early mario games. i'm just getting to the castle on the 3rd world and there've been a few levels that took me way too many times to finish already. should provide for some good longevity out of the game.

and i also agree about new super mario bros on wii. the ds one was easy. they learned their lesson and stepped up the difficulty on the wii one. even world 6 had a few crazy levels. world 8 was pretty nuts - especially with two people. and the star levels?
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