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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Originally Posted by SayTownRy
yeah the level of difficulty definitely reminds me of the early mario games. i'm just getting to the castle on the 3rd world and there've been a few levels that took me way too many times to finish already. should provide for some good longevity out of the game.

and i also agree about new super mario bros on wii. the ds one was easy. they learned their lesson and stepped up the difficulty on the wii one. even world 6 had a few crazy levels. world 8 was pretty nuts - especially with two people. and the star levels?

id be much further into this one if i didnt have monster hunter. i have that, mario and red dead redemption that i really want to play at the same freaking time. mario and MH is a good combination btw, MH makes you way too tense, and mario is hard but fun.
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