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Default Re: In their primes: Eddie George or Curtis Martin?

Originally Posted by Big League
Look at his 2002 and 2003 numbers and understand that he was playing with numerous injuries. In 2002 he played with two bum ankles and still exceeded the 1000 yard mark. The Jets offensive line of 2004 was much better than its offensive line of 2003. Martin healthy and running behind a good line were the reason why he had a big year in 2004.
okay, well that could very well be the case...

although alot of players will use injuries as an excuse to use HGH/roids...

it is still EXTREMELY rare for a RB to prime out at 31 years old...after having the long career he did...

Thomas Jones is priming out in his early 30s, but he never got carries early in his career, first 5 years he had in the NFL he barely got over 100 he had not burned up his milage the wat that Curtis had...

Curtis got 368 attempts his rookie year...he started off as an every down back and primed at age 31???
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