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Default Re: In their primes: Eddie George or Curtis Martin?

You know, I actually find it comical that some random guy on the internet would accuse Martin of using steroids. Martin was known to be one of the great guys in the league, a class act, and a man of integrity.

Look, that still doesn't mean he couldn't have dabbled with steroids, but it is unlikely. If the guy was such a turd to use steroids in 2004 to hang on for one more big year, then why did he retire in late October of 2006 keeping in mind he last played in 2005? Martin was injured midway through the 2005 season and was still trying to get healthy a year later. The Jets had him on the PUP list in 2006 and when he could not get healthy enough to play he opted to retire on 10/31/06 if memory serves.
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