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Default Re: In their primes: Eddie George or Curtis Martin?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
okay, well that could very well be the case...

although alot of players will use injuries as an excuse to use HGH/roids...

it is still EXTREMELY rare for a RB to prime out at 31 years old...after having the long career he did...

Thomas Jones is priming out in his early 30s, but he never got carries early in his career, first 5 years he had in the NFL he barely got over 100 he had not burned up his milage the wat that Curtis had...

Curtis got 368 attempts his rookie year...he started off as an every down back and primed at age 31???
Martin was one of the best, and perhaps the best, RB of all-time as far as avoiding the big hit. This is why he was able to handle many, many carries for 10 seasons.

Off the top of my head, I'm going to say Martin was 2nd in the league in rushing in 2001 to Priest Holmes (or maybe that was only in the AFC). Then he had numerous nagging injuries in 2002 and 2003. I'd have to do some searchin' to find the specifics (I only remember the two bum ankles in 2002). Then 2004 came. The Jets improved the offensive line and Martin was healthy. Not a surprise to me that he was good in 2004 just like he was good in 2001.

In 2005 the Jets line was wrecked due to injuries and then Martin got injured, too, and was placed on IR. He tried to make a comeback in 2006 but could not get healthy enough to continue playing. That does not sound like a steroid situation to me. If Martin was a juicer, he would have played in 2006.

Accusing Martin of this crap would be akin to accusing Cal Ripken, Jr. of cheating. The comparison being that Ripken was considered a class act and a man of integrity. NBA types would be Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, A.C. Green, I guess.
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