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Default Re: rockets by position

Jason Kidd... ehh? he still has a high IQ and knows how to distribute the ball. he is still a solid all around point guard but he has aged and it shows, specially in the playoffs.

Mo Williams - I don't see how he is better than brooks. as a point guard they have similar assist numbers. and scoring, they are both deadly from beyond the arch. mo has a more polished mid range game but brooks quickness and ability to drive to the hole is unmatched.

Jameer Nelson - I don't see what advantage he has over Brooks?

Brandon Jennings - im a brandon jennings fan. i think he can be a superstar in this league. but i wouldn't say he is currently better than AB.

Devin Harris - his first full season with new jersey in 08-09 was very impressive. but this season, i would put brooks ahead of him, AB had the better season imo.

Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry - this one i am kinda iffy. i could see why evans and curry would be ahead of brooks.

i guess we just see Aaron brooks in a different light and as a poster of course everybody is biased to some degree but i think im one of the more level headed ones lol.

I agree with Kevin martin, he isn't really a franchise player, but the SG position is supposed to be plentiful but how many of those guys would you really rely on as a franchise guy? Joe Johnson surely isn't, neither stephen jackson etc... I agree he is overrated if you view him as a franchise player but i still think he is a top 10 shooting guard in the league if not close to it.
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