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Default NFL will not apply the playoff overtime rule to the regular season

Chicago Sun-Times reports:

NFL owners did not vote to extend the playoff overtime rule for the regular season during a one-day meeting highlighted by the 2014 Super Bowl being awarded to New York/New Jersey.

'It was pitched as 'Let's address the most pressing problem,' which is you don't want somebody's season to end prematurely without giving them the chance to score if it's an overtime situation,'' Bears chairman Michael McCaskey said. ''It's a little tricky to all of a sudden say we want to do it for the regular season. Teams want to reflect on it and see what happens in the playoffs with it.''

The new rule was passed by a vote of 28-4 at the March owners meetings and is in effect in the postseason only. The rule states that a team that loses the overtime coin flip and gives up a field goal on the first possession will have a chance to either tie or win the game. Statistics showed that since 1994, teams that won the coin toss won overtime games 59.8 percent of the time and the winner of the toss won the game on the first possession 34.4 percent of the time. Those numbers helped sway owners.
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