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Default Re: May 24 ECF-Magic @ Celtics game thread


Magic gave Rondo a different look. THey did quite a bit of screening and a couple times Rondo struggled to get around Dwights big ass. That was a good adjustment and expect ROndo and Doc to communicate on how to beat those.

Jameer Nelson was in a attack mode and played PG very well because he dictated the tempo. One thing I noticed was they exploited Rondo cheating for rebounds. As soon as the shot was missed they were passing it to Jameer and he was running down the floor.

Offensively we played a great game,but that defense was quite loose except for that 4th quarter.

Dwight Howard is just as dirty as other players but He does "religious" shit liek Bruce Bowen and smiles. That irritates me more than your Eric Dampier type dirty player.

Paul Pierce should never be taking 3s at the end of the game, They were wide open looks so you live with it, but Ray shot 2 crazy 3's and had a lot more bounce in his step.

game 5 is gonna be a blowout either way. It will not be a close game i believe. My heart says that we blow them out in the 2nd half like we did with cleveland and advance to the finals
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