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Default Re: rockets by position

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
I'm a Rockets fan by heart, but Brooks is not a top 10 PG.

Chris Paul
Deron Williams
Rajon Rondo
Steve Nash
Derrick Rose
Chauncey Billups
Russell Westbrook
Tony Parker
Baron Davis
Jason Kidd
Devin Harris
Mo Williams
Tyreke Evans
Stephen Curry
Brandon Jennings
Jameer Nelson

All of those guys could be taken before Brooks.

Kevin martin, I said it before he came here, was very overrated, I never liked his game (for a franchise player that is ...) He failed as a number one in Sacto. He is a perfect third option on a team.

i thought the same thing while he was in sactrramento, but it was refreshing to see that he really has skills that i did not know before he got to houston.

i had NO IDEA he was a slasher. the way he gets to the line is very good..... this will be nice.

i htink he will be viewed as the second option on this team.... and relish in the role playing with yao
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