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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Do another poll on footballs future.
this entire "romo/rodgers" debate started in here by me pointing out that Rodgers would destroy Romo in a poll because everyone hates Romo's guts...

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Aaron Rodgers would destroy Romo in a poll too...that doesn't mean Rodgers is better, it just means everyone hates Romo...

I am fully aware that a poll would have Rodgers winning by a very large margin...

I am surprised that Felix lost to freakin Ronnie Brown like that though...eehh...

Cowboys get hated on...SIMPLE AS THAT!

Ware and Witten get respect, because NFL fans are forced to give it to them...but not anyone else.
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