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Default Cavs Have Interest In Jackson As New Head Coach

The Cavs would like to bring in Phil Jackson to fill their head coaching vacancy and entice LeBron James to return next season.

Jackson spoke again on Thursday about the possibility that other teams will pursue him but reiterated that he sees a 90 percent chance that he'll coach the Lakers next season.

But Jackson did have some interesting comments about the unusual dynamics of the Cavs' coaching search as it relates to James' power as a free agent.

"It's an extremely odd situation," Jackson said. "Anybody who's in control of the decision making knows that you have to consult with LeBron, and consulting with him is kind of odd because July 1 he's a free agent. So there are no guarantees to that. He obviously wants to look at free agency."

Jackson sees a potential dilution of the new head coach's authority if he is brought in only with the approval of James.

"As a coach, you really question whether you want to be a handpicked guy and then have to discipline and take care of somebody, the stuff you have to do," Jackson said. "You have to coach players regardless of who they are. So that always makes some things issues. But I know my organization probably won't do it that way. But in [Cleveland's] situation, it's almost impossible not to."
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