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Originally Posted by Mahmoud
So how many is enough? 50 million? 100 million? The state of Texas is already losing around 2-4 billion dollars yearly iin tax money just on costs from illegal immigrants. California is losing billions more. The three states with the highest influx of illegal immigrants are also among the lowest rated in overall education standards. These states are forced to spend more than anyone else on remedial english education.

Many hospitals in these states have been shutdown, as it is illegal to turn away any patient in an emergency room, regardless of whether or not they are able to pay. The cost of insurance(health and auto) in these states is among the highest, due to the high rate of auto accidents that illegals are involved in, not to mention the fact that they very rarely have auto insurance.

Comparing this with the legal migration of immigrants from Europe is intellectually dishonest. The US knew who was coming in, they were checked thoroughly, and while there was disdain, they had every right to be there. The question is, is it America's job to rescue the third world? How many do you think should be allowed across the border? Its not just Mexicans coming here, people of all types of countries are getting through the border, thousands nightly.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, at their southern border, they have machinegun posts, and if an illegal is caught, they are beat/raped and if not murdered, then sent back home. And yet they have the audacity to tell the US how to run immigration policy?
Well then maybe they should make it easier for Mexicans to become legal citizens. No, its not America's job to save the third world, and they arent, if they wanted to, they wouldnt be complaining about ilegal immigrants. However, the fact that you said that its not USAs job to rescue third world countries, proves that you know that the conditions are bad there. What Mexican wouldnt prefer America's health care system, security, and overall conditions over Mexico? These Mexicans are human beings, not just a number. If they were ABLE to get here legally, why wouldnt they? The fact of the matter is, legal immigration takes too long, and is too expensive. Im not Mexican, but any normal human being would feel for them due to the horrible conditions they live under. Hospitals are being shut down because of the sheer amount of Mexicans, that may be true, but are you saying that you should let these Mexicans die, just because they are illegal? Being illegal doesnt take anything away from being a human being. If America was as bad and corrupt as Mexico was, and it is hard to make money, and Mexico is what America is now, tell me, wouldnt you move if doing it illegally is necesary? Hmm, let me think, should I cross the border to send money to my family so they can survive, or should I reconsider because big ol' US of A will be losing money? Hmmmm? Oh wait, if I cross illegally, im no longer considered a human being, screw health care, IM MEXICAN! Dont get me wrong, if anybody has the oppurtinity to get into America legally, they should take it, but if they are in desperate situations, and they cant get into America, I would want them to come here illegally, and get a fresh start.
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