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Default Re: K. Mart (what's happening with him) ?

The whole team should be built around what's best for carmelo- and the best thing would be to get him back to more of an inside player- atleast inside/out instead of outside/in- an outside shooting c/pf would do that
Lawson was better than I thought (at finishing, and shooting) but is not a future starter on a good team- he is an offense only player and doesn't initiate the offense or create shots for others outside of the fast break- something has to be added to a trade, lawson is the most easily replaced part of the team - believe it or not there are hundreds of gaurds that would have seemed like a huge step up from ac
I'd love to keep lawson as a 4th/5th gaurd but you could never want him starting and I don't think you want him in the rotation if you want a balanced offense or defense- he is a change of pace/energy player, not a future starter or future "face of the team"
I want to see a more balanced team and think it comes from a gaurd who can defend and a big or 2 that can shoot
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