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Originally Posted by Unregistered
If LaMarcus Aldridge is availiabe with the number 5 pick we should take him, do a sign and trade with Harrington and trade him and Lue to the Rockets for their number 8 pick, sign Marcus Williams with that pick, trade Josh Smith, another player, and a pick for Allen Iverson, and finally sign Joel Przybilla in the off season. Przybilla is another big body that was 7th in the league in blocks and can add depth to the center position, a Allen Iverson Joe Johnson backcourt will be unstoppable, and Marcus Williams will be insurance because of A.I.'s age. Marvin Williams will be the starting small forward with Josh Childress backing him. I think these moves will IMMEDIATELY turn the Hawks into contenders and get rid of the log jam of small forwards.

Trade J-Smoove? O hell naw....

I like the kid K Martin on the kings. Josh Childress is expendable, I would like to explore Francisco Garcia and K Martin for Childress and maybe a throw in (batista?)
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