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Default Re: Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by el gringos
Don't take turner- he isn't a top 5 player in this class in the long run- hard to guess what wall, x henry, avery bradley or cousins motiejunas would look like with 3 years of college, but there's a reason why you'd never see it
If someone really wants to take turner at 2 then trade the pick but I don't think they will- your scouts have been great in the middle of the 1st they'll have to be great at the beginning and decide between two super high ceiling prospects- its either cousins or motiejunas
Top 4 players in the 2010 draft
Avery bradley
Thank you for your opinion. Time will prove you right or wrong. In the mean time, consensus is that the options at #2 are either Evan Turner or Demarcus Cousins. And that's what I'm sailing with. If either turns out to be a bust, or any other you listed turns out to be much better, I will remember you.

As for (Jrue or 2nd pick) + Brand, anyone would have to see what is offered in exchange first. You wouldn't expect to give up either before even knowing what the deal would be.
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