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Default how easy you fools forget

do you guys think you would be in the finals if it wernt for the refs?
is mark cuban not the master of the puppets of refferees?
is it just coincidence that the AAC is called the "whine cellar"?
ive lived in dallas for 13 years, and ive never heard so much *****ing about refs. if the refs called a correct game, they wouldn't have given dirk all those game deciding freethrows, they woundlt have called a foul on duncan when dirk stepped on his foot, AND they would have called a foul on dirk when he slapped duncans arm at the end of game 7. quit being so ungrateful, you guys were given a gift now that u didnt have the gift in the finals its all the refs fault. so, it was the refs fault when dirk choked in game 3? was it the refs fault devin harris didnt show up to the finals after he did SOO well in the rest of the playoffs? you guys are going to be even better next year no doubt but dont act like referees are the reason you lost.
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