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Default Re: Which combine stats do you look more closely at and why

Height w/ shoes
Standing Reach

Max Vert
Lane agility

Height w/ shoes
Standing Reach

3/4 court sprint
No step vert

As you can see I have "height w/shoes" and "Standing reach" for both groups. First, the game is played with sneakers on so I don't care about how tall you are without them. Second, standing reach is a more useful measurement of arm length because shoulder width is not a factor and shots are contested vertically.

With perimeter guys I look also at "max vert" and "lane agility". "Max vert" because many of their in game leaps will be off a run/drive and "lane agility" because it is a good indicator of where they stand as for in game athletic ability and footwork. Lane agility is even better when you get to watch it instead of just looking at the results. You can see who is fast, who has good feet, and who combines both.

With the big guys the other test I like are: "3/4 court sprint", "Wingspan", and "No step vert". The sprint is a great indicator of whether or not a big guy will be able to be the filler on the fast break or only the trailer. [One thing that not a lot of people seem to teach young bigs is if they run hard on every offensive possession they are guaranteed to scored about 6 points every 10 minutes. They will get a layup cause they beat their defender down the floor, get an offensive rebound and put-back cause they are in good position, and they will get 2 foul shots because they will create a mismatch where all you can do is foul.] I also like "wingspan" because with big men it give some sort of idea of how large their rebounding and defensive range will be. "no step vert" is good because the closer you are to the basket the less room you have to move around before jumping.
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