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Default Re: What do you want to do on the court?

What do i want to do on the court? Score whenever I want, make sweet dimes look routine, dunk over people...

What do I do on the court? Depends who I play with honestly... but about half the time I look to set a pick for someone whether it be a ball screen or off ball screen (I do both probably about the same amount). If I'm playing with someone who can penetrate, then I will spot up at the 3 point line and move around the perimeter accordingly. My specialty is shooting, and when you play by 1's and 2's... you might as well look to get open 2's so that's what I do. If someone comes out an me, then I put it on the floor and look to score. If the lane is clogged then I dish the rock to the open guy.

That is basically how I play... take the open 2 or drive and score/dish, set screens, and oh yea... if there is a smaller defender on me, I'll look to post him up and usually I can command a double team if I get the ball enough. I'm only 5'11 though so height wise it's never much of an advantage, but a lot of the times I will probably have at leat 20 pounds on someone. I have lost a lot of weight tho (I'm only 180 now), before I was like 195 and weighed much more than a lot of people and I looked to post more often... some of that weight was unnecessary fat tho so I needed to lose it.

One thing that I have added to my game is isolation scoring out of triple threat... but I haven't gotten many games in to practice it. If things seem to be going kind of stagnant, we aren't scoring, or people just need a break, I will look to get the ball in the high post, face up, and read my defender. If he's off me or his hand is down, I will shoot it immediately. If he's up on me, I will look to give him a jab and get him off balance... or I'll just drive right by him. If he's playing me straight up, then I will go to a series of fakes and if I don't seem to have him by the time I go, I will most likely turn and then post him up... much like Pau Gasol does if he doesn't get by him man from faceup. I also have a some spin moves tho for counters so I don't need to do that every time like he does.
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