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Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Well I don't know about you guys... but if someone yells at me in pickup I just think they are a joke. It depends how they yell tho... if I feel that is a solid meaning behind it then that's different, but if it's just like a "you suck" kind of thing, then screw em I don't need that. I haven't gotten that kind of treatment in a long ass time tho. I don't need to try and prove em wrong and fill their ego knowing they got to me... unless I feel like I am really doing something stupid I guess then I will try for my own sake. The people who bring out the best in others are those who get on you if you aren't playing up to snuff, but that don't try to bring you down and also let you know when you did something well. Me personally, I just say simple things like "Man you can't let him do you like that... lock up" or "You have to put that in the cup man... get em next time"... ya know just simple things and in a calm demeanor. That is enough to motivate people without alienating them... cus people know when they did something wrong. The goal is to make sure they don't get down about it, but instead rise up and get to another level.

Same with me. I really don't get how yelling negatively is supposed to help the team, all it does it lower confidence. In pickup I usually don't even say anything unless I feel like I'm the leader, and when something bad happens usually I just tell him it was a good look (if it was) and that they'll get it next time. If they start throwing up shots, I might tell them to drive or keep swinging.
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