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Default Re: John Wall's "official" COMBINE NUMBERS are in

Originally Posted by BigTicket
Lets have a look at the best combine numbers since 2001:

No Step Vert:
Nick Young (2007) - 39.5 inches

Max Vert:
Kenny Gregory (2001) - 45.5 inches.

Cookie Belcher (2001) - 2.91 seconds

Agility Test:
Jamison Brewer (2001) - 9.65 seconds

Jason Keep (2003) - 27 repetitions

Unless someone wants to argue that those 5 are superstars, perhaps we should look at something other than combine numbers to determine who's the best player ?

And yes, there really was a player named Cookie Belcher (worst name ever ?).

Yet another poster who cannot comprehend what they read.
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