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Originally Posted by 623baller
the way i see it, you have two options

#1 ask them to let you go play post for 1 game, just 1 game so you can show them what you are capable of , of course, you gota own in that one game otherwise they'll talk more trash to you haha

#2 learn how to play the wing and take their suggestions. i know a lota people who had to switch from center to PG because they were tall at an earlier age but stopped growing, and they struggled real bad. if talking shiet is bad, then the real old traditional coaches and basketball systems from asian countries are a lot worst than that. i've basically seen the coach just throw the ball at the guards in the head when they made a mistake, or the coach just walked on the court and litearlly kicked them in the ass haha. but, everyone learned real fast after that ....

Personally, i think you should take this as a chance to add some versatility to your game and learn how to play the wing. maybe you'll face someone who's got better post defense than your post offense then you can pull out and work your magic. it's gona take time to learn and grow as a player, but use their negative connotations as a driving force, you'll prove them wrong when that day comes.

also you mentioned the people in the same grade as you said you are the 2nd best in the year, imagine if you didnt played with the older and better crowd, you most likely won't be in that cateogry in the first place

stay thirsty my friend

Nice One Bruh , Ill keep those things you said in my mind.
thanks ;)
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