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Well, dude, alam mo naman yung mga naglalarong kalye dito eh. Mayayabang at di marunong maglaro sa loob ng isang pangkat o grupo. Gusto ng lahat mag-feeling Kobe.

Okay, enough with the Tagalog, but dude, I know how you feel. As a young'n playing with older people during pick-up, I know how it feels when these assholes who are at the court on when they should be working make you feel like you're worthless. I just learned to not listen to them because they're kinda being hypocritical when they do that. I only open my ears when they say something constructive. I can understand them being pissed or disappointed and all, but then not when they start lashing out coz it's gonna do nothing but just ruin the game for everyone. As for who to listen to, I'd say yourself, your coach, and people you're not exactly friends with, but then you get to play with a lot. These guys that don't have their heads on right would just give you false word. And yeah, just stay hungry to learn.

P.S: Hit me up when you come back, dude. You live in QC?

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