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Default Re: Wizards have 6 draft workouts for June 1

I've been trying to post this forever now to see what other peoples thoughts are on it. Here it goes: Doesn't make more sense for the wiz to get Cousins and trade Wall for a first rounder next yr. You have a great top 10 pt guard in Arenas already. So what about the guns. He's still on the team and he can still play period. You can't teach height. Cousins is 6'11 285 OMG. Dre and Cousins dominate the east for yrs to come. You pick up a pt gaurd with the other picks you get this yr. And since you have McGee and Oberto Cousins will not be expected or have to contribute imediately. Startin five of Arenas, Miller, Howard, Dre, Cousins looks good enough to me to make the playoffs in the east. And you get a first rounder next yr. for Wall who everybody so hot about.
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