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Seeing how I come from a Big Ten school, and most notably, lived in the same building with Auggie, it's nice to see this... James, though I love and hate him, could be a guy we could use. He's atheltic, got a nice lefty jumper, and is a team player. He's also an athletic guy who can definitely get loose balls, rebounds, and what not. Obviously, he needs to beef up and he'll probably see a lot of time in the bench next year. He can run the floor well and J-Kidd will hit get him some good lobs, but he still needs work, despite being a senior.


I do not think we should take Ager if we have a chance to get Lowry. Lowry will be the better pro and if he came out next year, a definite lotto pick. Ager is more gifted athletically as well as Shannon Brown, better strokes, but I am more prone to say Lowry is the guy we need certainly as a spark off the bench. He pushes the ball as well as anyone in the draft, and he can take anyone off the dribble. If there is anything to be learned this past season is that scoring PGs are now valued more. Lowry can be that guy. He's a more rugged Stephon Marbury without all the bull**** talking and moves. He's got heart, while MI State disappointed last year.

If we end up taking Augustine and Lowry, I'll be happy...
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