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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Why are my hops so inconsistent?

Ever since my ankle injury, I had to stay away from playing basketball for a while. Took 2 weeks before I went to shoot around again. And even just jumping slightly to shoot hurt, so I took one more week before I started to shoot again. When I got back I wasn't anywhere near dunking, and I used to dunk it all the time. I probably only got 4 inches over the rim at full effort. Then I remember 2 weeks back(1 and a half months after the injury) I suddenly was dunking again. It made no sense because I had attempted to dunk days before that and was nowhere near close. Not only was I dunking but I was doing it easily.
I try again the next day and I can't get anywhere near. Then earlier today (2 months after the injury) I came early to the gym to shoot around. I tried with my full effort but I couldn't dunk the ball. Not even when I had a good grip on it. Then after playing 2 full court games I suddenly just exploded up and threw one down. I was so surprised because i could only usually dunk by palming the ball and traveling to the room. But I did the basic 2 dribbles, then explode. I was stunned and so happy at the same time, because it is the first time I have done that even prior to my injury. So why are my hops so inconsistent?
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