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This thread has been revived. That's probably not a good thing for me. It's going to set off the inner-Dino nerd in me.

Originally Posted by jbot
studies show that raptors were the most intelligent of the dinosaurs, hunting in packs and using an ambush method to take down bigger prey.

The smartest were Troodons which were related to Raptors. Raptors technically are Dromaeosaura, but it is a wide range of animals that are related that that clasification. They're the closest of the dinosaurs to true birds. A Troodon would have been as smart as a bird. Scientists believe it was the smartest because it has the largest brain size to body mass ratio.

Velociraptor was small and found in Asia. Deinonychus was about 5 feet tall and found in the United States. So far, it has been the only raptor that is known to hunt in packs, although scientists assume that the others must have hunted in packs as well. Michael Crichton used a Deinonychus for Jurassic Park, but re-named it Velociraptor for plot purposes. Utahraptor was 9-10 feet tall. Dromaeosaurus was about the same size as a Velociraptor (3 feet tall).

I wonder how smart the animal would need to be to organize pack behavior. It wouldn't be as smart as a wolf, but Raptors were one of the smartest dinosaurs.

the t-rex is thought to hunt live prey by sight, so maybe standing still and blending in with the surroundings could have saved a human(if they lived back then and they didn't). researchers have now found evidence that t-rex might have been a scavenger also.

No, the evidence that researchers have the T-Rex may have been a scavanger is old. New evidence points to T-Rex being a hunter. Evidence that T-Rex was a scavanger is based on its sense of smell, which was extremely advanced. However, new evidence shows that T-Rex's bones were hollow, allowing it to run faster than some had imagined. It would move at about 25mph, which would have been fast enough to catch its prey.

T-Rex would use sight to hunt, but it could still see a human. If I were a human, I would just hope that a T-Rex wouldn't be interested in me due to my size (I wouldn't be all that filling).

either way it would be hella scary, but i think the raptors would be more relentless.

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