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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Originally Posted by KG215
This may be a dumb question, but what is Madden Ultimate Team?
not a dumb question, it is an add on that they released for free a while back, and from what I understand it has become so popular that it will now ship with the Madden 11 disk, (not positive on that though)

it is amazingly addictive...kind of hard to explain though

you basically collect "player cards" (like digital football cards) and form your dream Madden team with buy digital card packs, that give you 12 cards of different players...and the ones you like you keep and the ones you don't want you can sell them on auction for people that do want them...

there are cards for every player, and for many different years in that plauyer's career...for instance you could have a Owens 49er card, and Owens Eagles card, and Cowboys, Bills, alot of the players have multiple cards

some are very the 2006 Tomlinson I think they only issued 250 of them, so they sell for a TON and are impossible to find

2007 Moss record breaker is another...

I have created a dream Dallas squad...have prime Joey Galloway...2009 Romo...Owens...Felix/McFadden combo...Roy Williams saftey 2003 (when he was good)..ect

it is the a ton me the same feeling I got collecting baseball cards as a kid...
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