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Default Trade Rumor: Lou/Thad on their way out?

Ok Ford was half right in the Indiana and Toronto talks. We have talked to both but neither conversation pertains to the #2 pick. In case you didn’t know we are taking Turner

We have inquired about the 10th pick(Indiana) and the 13th pick(Toronto).

Talks with Indiana center around Jeff Foster and the 10 pick for Lou and Thad. I don’t know who the target is at 10. Maybe they don’t even know yet. Could be Aldrich I guess.

Talks with Toronto center around Lou and Jack. Toronto has interest in Thad but needs to move Hedo first who we apparently do not want. One version I heard was Lou and Thad for Jack, Belinelli and #13. Again…I do not know who the big guy is we are targeting. I got the feeling that moving to 10-15 was going to be a lot easier than moving up to 5-9 range.

So maybe Lou is on the block or a lot more available than I previously thought.

Its all just talk right now….lots of stuff floating around..we will see what sticks in a few weeks.

okay, so this is from a realgm poster, a legit poster at that apparently from what I've read. What is the consensus here as far as both trades are proposed from Philly sides of things? Do they really like #13 > Thad? I am a big fan of young, but I guess his regression/stand still progression from the previous year leaves to be wanting more...
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