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Default Re: Knee/foot pains...

Sounds like tendinitis in the knee. I don't know about the foot pain.

The only way to heal tendinitis is to rest... then when you come back you can't play every day, and you have to limit yourself to certain amount of playing time (for a while) so it doesn't happen again. I've had it 3 times and it's really starting to heal itself now, but it's been over 2 months that I've had this problem.. and playing on it only made it worse.

Hopefully though the thought is that when it does fully heal, your knee will be stronger than it was before (or at least able to take punishment). That hasn't been the case with me since I've had it so many times in the last year... but it's never fully recovered either. If it's your first time, it should go away within a few weeks. You just have to be patient. Playing on concrete/blacktop certainly doesn't help either. Just play on the hardwood and that's it... at least for a while after you heal up. It's a process dude.
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