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Default Re: Favorite Trash Talking Lines

Depends, if I'm playing a season game I keep my trap shut. If I'm playing pick-up at the park or on training with my teammates I become a full-fledged Reggie Miller. I don't stop talking wether I'm on the court or on the bench.

What I say is nothing special though, the only thing that sticks out is when I'm hitting jumpshots "All Day Long". Other than that I just talk to someone, telling them they won't get open, they shouldn't drive cause I block them, they can't hit with my hand in their face, they can't stay in front of me, I'll hit the jumper no matter if they put a hand up or not shit like that. It's all in good spirit though, I mainly need the extra motivation to make sure I go just as hard in training as I do in games.
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