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Default Re: The off-season

Looking to the draft the Jazz don't need a PF regardless of what Boozer does. Looks like this guy should be in the summer league at the very least besides what they already have in Milsap/AK/Koufus. His contract is up in Italy and he's not on the Serbian national roster. Still only 24.

They don't need a pg. Obviously the Jazz took both these positions last year so it certainly wouldn't be surprising to see them do so again. They don't need another 6'6" wing. They don't need another skinny center.

If they stay at #9 a wing with more size than what they have(outside AK)looks like the only choice and there appears to be several to choose from. In the second round(assuming they have a pick) they can look for a center with some beef to replace the Ukrainean stiff or a combo guard that can run a team and/or shoot unlike Price.

Anyone know why they said Peter Fehse won't play in the league? He's 27 and should be entering his prime. He can't be worse than Fesenko. Tomic is signed for 3 more years in Spain so we probably won't see him for a while but still only 23.

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