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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft 2010

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Yeah, it would be nice to see some gems, but this draft is just too weak. Every team out of the lottery is really grinding it out, to find a solid bench player.
I completely disagree. This is certainly a draft that's weak on franchise altering talent. There's literally not one that I see as a surefire franchise player. Wall certainly can, Cousins can if he takes his Paxil. Turner's a very, very nice piece, but I can't ever see him being a #1 on a contending team. Maybe Favors if he learns how to actually play ball.

However, this draft is VERY deep on rotational players. I suppose there could end up being some 2nd round Euro gems that get stashed for a few years and turn into something like Shved and Bjelica, but there're some very solid pieces on the board, guys like Trevor Booker, Lazar Hayward, Dexter Pittman, Derrick Caracter, etc etc. These aren't game changers, but all of them have the chance to be very good contributors. Frankly as much as the one and done rule's done to hurt the game in regards to gambling in the lotto and top of the first, I absolutely love what it's done by pushing legit NBA players into the second round.
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