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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft 2010

It's been about 2 days waiting for the Heat, so I'm just going to pick for the Spurs.

- Nemanja Bjelica

I've only seen highlights and read scouting reports. But he seems like the sort of player San Antonio would lean towards - He fills a position of need (SF) and we can add him to our trove of oversea projects. From what I've seen/read he looks like a super-versatile Lamar Odom type. He has an intriging combination of size (6'10) and point-guard skills, ie ballhandling, court vision, passing. He has decent range on his jumpshot which should allow him to fill both wing-positions. And at Eurobasket 09, he did an excellent job of using his size and strength to seal low against mismatched defenders.
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