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Default Re: Situational Statistics: Small Forwards (great read)

Going against perceptions of his role on the next level, Gordon Hayward was a below average catch and shoot threat last season, but ranked amongst the second most efficient finishers in our sample at 1.316 PPP. It will be interesting to see if his shooting ability becomes more consistent as he transitions into a role that revolves around that aspect of his game on the next level.
Quincy Pondexter ranks as the third most efficient overall scorer on our rankings at 1.066 PPP. He was the second ranked isolation scorer at 0.972 PPP, and scored roughly 1.3 PPP off of 4.4 possessions per-game off of basket cuts and offensive rebounds. He proves well above average as a finisher, and his 42% shooting on pull up jump shots ranks him fourth in this group.

Devin Ebanks ranks as the worst jump shooter in our ranks as 0.592 PPP on 28.2% shooting. His poor shooting only piles on to the fact that he was almost exactly average as a finisher with 1.1 PPP.

Nemanja Bjelica and Marko Keselj both rank highly in most PPP rankings because of their ability to shoot the international three-pointer.

Marqus Blakely’s 7.1 post up possessions per-game are more than 200% higher than the next closest player on our list, making it clear that he’ll need to make some major adjustments to his game to see minutes at the small forward spot, wherever he plays next season.
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