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Originally Posted by Sportsmind
Bobcats definately have a bright future. They've done considerally well considering they got screwed two years ago for playing hard every night and only ended up with the #3rd pick this year after all the injuries and the Knicks being a debacle. Brandon Roy would be perfect for them and then hope to get one of the great 7 footers in next year's draft such as Oden. Okeafor at the 4 would suit him better. It's going to be incredibly interesting to see the direction of the franchise over the next year. What will Jordan do? What will Bernie's role be? If Larry comes in, which would be a good fit, that means you won't trade away Brevin. Does that halt Felton's progress? It should be interesting.

If the Bobcats drafted Roy this year, kept knight, and drafted Oden next year maybe with a free agent along the way they would be sick.

PG:Felton, Knight
SG:Roy, Caroll
SF:Wallace and a FA (possibly LeBron or Carmello)
PF:Okafor, May, Baxter
C:Oden, Brezec, Ely

That is absolutely filthy.
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