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Default Kurt Thomas / Amir Johnson

Kurt will be 38 this year , and for the lack of back up material I think they the Bucks need to sign Thomas again.
The question is even with his age , he showed contending teams he still has juice.
So will he be willing to run with the Bucks or look to join a contender and fear the Bucks ?
Hammond had drafted and had high hopes for Amir Johnson , but a trade forced him to send him to Toronto.
Now that Amir is available again - do you think Hammond will go after him ?

As most of you know I am a huge Brandon Bass fan , and feel as if Amir and Brandon could lock in a nice rotation of PF for the Bucks.
Hammond would need to convince Amir to come , and put a guarennteeee that he would not trade him again.
Bass is expendable from the Majic's standpoint.
They acquired him for shoring up their fouls against the CAv's if they meet in the Eastern conference finals.
I think if Hammond could work a trade or even a 3 team trade he could get Bass.

thoughts ....

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