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Default Chat with Bernie

got this from the bobcats website, Bickerstaff held a chat talking about the upcoming season

when asked about what position he was going to draft...
We are looking to take the best talent available. The talent seems to be in the wing position, which is a need in our opinion too. Some of the workouts we've had...we've had Morrison and Gay and Carney in. We've had a kid from South Carolina named Kinsey. Thomas from LSU is coming in. Aldridge is coming in. We want to bring Gay, Morrison, Roy, Aldridge and Thomas in togeyher. We want to try that. One of those guys, possibly Aldridge, may work out himself, but we can get the other guys working out together.
when asked about his second round pick...
Here are the scenarios we're looking at in films and at the Orlando combine. We are contemplating a foriegn player, perhaps who slips and can help us. Maybe not this year...but next year. Or, perhaps, a young, big athletic kid, who can maybe use a year in the NBDL. Also, there may be a kid who slips, who can help you right away. So we'll rank them all in order of preference and as they leave the board, we'll see what we have left and then make a decision, based on those factors.

it looks like bernie has a good idea of what he wants in the draft....we shall see
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