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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

You can find Bears mostly during the day (rarely at night). From Bearclaw Camp (broken down cabins), Tanner Reach (between bearclaw camp and Tall Trees) to Tall Trees. Just target that area and roam it on horseback. you'll eventually see one either chasing someone, stalking somone or roaming around. Be mindful when you attack it? Chances are one or two is soon to follow. You'll se on your map its a decent size area to cover. But during the daytime where its sun out? They'll be there.

Beavers I found in the same areas. Mostly before you hit Tall Trees. Bearclaw Camp is a small area but past it its alot of open space. Try roaming towards the river. I wouldnt go down to the river but there are rocks or like slopes that will take you down to the river. I dont go down it, just stay ontop and search under trees. Usually they hang there. If you see one, look around because they scatter. Another area is if you click on your map you'll see Nekoti Rock just above tall trees. Ok to the right? You'll see a river and it extends towards the Great Plains. Along that river bank (mostly towards the Great Plains) is where they are as well. Again you'll see trees so just check them out. I found Beavers during the nightime. Some during the day but I killed majority at night.

So depends which area you want to search. The one near Great Plains you're likely to get attacked by cougars. The one near Bearclaw Camp/Tanners Reach you'll likely to get attacked by boars/wolves.

So Bears during day. Beavers at night. Neither are in Mexico. Altho if you kill and skin these things and sell them down Mexico? You get double the price than if you sold it in the States.
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