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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
ah, I must have just one more with her left.
I have done (I'm pretty sure) just 1 with Reyes.
so I have the final in Mexico and the beginning of Blackwater. I'm looking forward to those missions. sounds fun.

(Reyes: "lets start a revolution! viva Mexico!"

there is snow in Blackwater??

Yes there is snow in Blackwater but only in the mountains. Blackwater itself doesnt get snow but the further West you travel (specifically the areas I mentioned where you hunt for Bears) it snows.

You still got a ways to go. You're gonna have some fun. It'll get intense. Let me know your feelings/reaction after you finish that area.

Check out white text. I'm not spoiling anything but just in case folks havent got to this point dont wanna read anything.

Reyes you got Train Robbery, attacking El Presidio which is the place you rescued Reyes at when he almost was executed. This missions opens up Blackwater. The last/3rd Reyes mission is the final mission in mexico at Escalera.

Luisa you helped her sister to the river, you rescued Reyes at El Presido and took him to Luisa at the river with the raft, you blew up a Mexican army convoy and last captured DeSanta
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