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Default What I'd like to do.

Try and trade down and pick up some quality role players/extra picks.

The fact is talent wise outside of Morrison, and possibly Roy this draft is pretty mediocre. Morrison is the only guy who could possibly come in and be an instant star like Chris Paul was. We don't need Morrison as we have 2 excellent small forwards, who fit our defensive minded system much better. Personally I would trade the pick for a solid player and another first round pick. The fact is one of Tyrus Thomas, Lamarcus Aldridge, Andrea Bargani, Shelden Williams, will be available after the first pick. I'd be happy picking up two big guys and an athletic backup gaurd.

Any combination of two of:

Shelden Williams, Lamarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, Andrea Bargani, Paul Davis.

And one of:

Rodney Carney, Mardy Collins, Brandon Roy.

Would leave me pleased as punch.

In fact I'd be happy if we picked up 1 first tier bigman a 2nd tier Big guard, and a 2nd tier bigman.
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