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Default I think Miles Austin might be f*cking Kim Kardashian...

I avoid at all cost all things Kardashian, but the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has an offline story about Kim Kardashian today that I thought I’d pass along - for the benefit of Cowboys haters fans.

In a story yet to hit the web, the Enquirer reports that the possessor of reality television’s finest wide receiver is now hooking up with Dallas Cowboys pass catcher Miles Austin.

Kardashian invited Austin to attend an NBA Finals game on June 6, only they didn’t sit together. (Fun!) Though they later did dinner at Casa Vega in Los Angeles.


“Kim’s carving out more time in her schedule to be with Miles, and she’s telling those close to her that he’s ‘the one.’”

Now for the scary part: (No, no Khloe photos.)
“Her mom, Kris, is hoping Miles is the right guy as well. Kim turns 30 in October, and her mother is pushing for her to get married and start a family before too long.”

For all we know this is yet another planted plot for the Keeping Up With The Harpies reality charade.

But as Austin is a non-sequitur name and there are specific dates and locations in the report, I have a tendency to subscribe to the veracity of the story.

it is from the National Enquirer, but they seem to have found some details that make it somewhat believable...

the media is gonna have a damn feild day with this if it is true....the very second Miles drops a pass Kim will be all over of course, it will be her fault
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