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well i was originaly thinking the kings would give up Nocioni and probably hawes with maby a future pick to get turk. but that one is obviously not gonna happen. and now with NOC gone. i dont see the kings really having the pieces to get him.

and ya. the contract would be big but if we do the right thing and draft cousins. it could really look cool.

Donte Greene started at the 2G spot last year. he is a complete off ball guy. so hedo and reke run that spot. and hedo is a good distributer. and very good throwing it to an Athletic big man in the middle.

so look at this line up.

Greene/udoka/Reke( or Willie warner in the second round)
Hedo/Casspi( Greene & Udoka can also play here)
Landry/Thompson( greene here as well)
Cousins/SAMMY( brockman if they can get him back. looks doubtfull)

Udrih is good at coming off screens and working mid range. Hedo is very good at passing out of the PF spot. and Thompson has proven to be getting better and could be a very good 6th man here.

All that said now. this is probably not gonna happen.
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