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Originally Posted by Why Am I Banned
For instance, Brady Quinn was a preseason All-American on a top-5 ranked ballclub. But yet when he struggles in the two biggest games of the year, the "experts" are now telling me Notre Dame is lacking of talent and team speed. If that was the case, then why did these very same people rank them in the top-5 in the first place?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a terrible defense, which is why Notre Dame lost to both Michigan and USC. It has nothing to do with Quinn as an individual. He has the entire package - Size, Arm Strength, Skills plus he's been able to learn and run a pro offense from Charlie Weiss insanely well. He'll be a top 3 pick in the NFL Draft. Detroit, Cleveland or Oakland will take him, I'll guess Cleveland - Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crenell connection.
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