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Default Re: Who plays weak-side and strong-side LBs in the NFL?

Originally Posted by TrueDiesel3
I'll take that you don't understand what you are talking about, anyways I'm not hear to debate what a weak side or strong side is because I know what they are. Strong side LBs line up with the side of a TE and the Weak side LBs line up with the side that doesn't have a TE. It's clear to me you probably never played football in your life, or at least organized football.
and you would be wrong, not only did I play organzined football but for a time I also played a little TE...and RB...and WR....and CB

the weak or strong side could be either side, yes, but IN GENERAL the strong side is usually the side the QB throws too (usually where the TE lines up because of that) and the weak side is his blind side...

if you are going to to come in hear and ask questions and then accuse the people that give you answers of not knowing anything then don't ask...

I have tried to say this 3 times now but you don't seem to listen:

ROLB: usually the best pass rusher on the team, blitz alot because he is facing the Qb's back (usually the weak side)

LOLB: usually the best pass defender, run stopper, because he is facing the QB's front (usually the strong side)
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