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Default Re: Philly Sacramento trade

Long ass post I typed in the main forum. I'm not typing that again, so copy/paste magic.

Damn, why is it that every time I take a day off the internet something like this goes down? Anyway, some thoughts:

The second I heard Dalembert was gone, I was extatic. Best news I've had in a long while.

Though thinking about it closely, this wasn't a trade too lopsided. Still, I never thought we could get some semi-decent center plus another player for Dalembert.

Hawes is as soft as they come at C. One of the few advantages he brings is that he is young and learning, so hopefully he can develop some consistency, although I'm not putting my money into that. Still, I believe he is good for at least 20 mins a night. That said, if Jason Smith ever plans to pan out, this is his do or die season.

On Nocioni, I know his contract is horrible and that last season he sucked and bla bla bla. But I'm playing naive on this one. He is a very capable and scrappy player. What I love about him is that every time he is on the court he plays as if it was his last. That often translates into him becoming a bit of a black whole, sure. But I'll take his toughness. And ocassionally he will hit a 3-pter, while banging some boards. All he needs is to be motivated.

Roster situation:

As of now, the depth chart looks like this (I include Turner, since from everything I've read it's almost a given that he will be picked):

PG Jrue / Lou / Meeks
SG Turner / Green
SF Iggy / Young / Nocioni / Kapono
PF Brand / Speights
C Hawes / Smith

Shuffle the starting lineup if you don't like it; however those are the guys.

Iggy can't play SG, he kept the whole last season proving that. And you don't want to see Young spending too much time at the 4. And Nocioni wasn't brought to not play. So either Stefanski is planning on making more moves (he is completely in love with Young, so you can almost rule out Young being shipped), or the rotation could look like this:

SG Turner / Iggy / Nocioni / Green
SF Iggy / Young / Nocioni
PF Brand / Young / Speights
C Hawes / Speights / Smith

Hopefully a trade. That big man rotation looks horribly soft.

All in all, I'm happy about getting Noce (sue me for that) and most of all, finally getting rid of dumbass Dumblembert.

‘’It’s like, wow, a fresh start, a team really wants me," Dalember told the Daily News' Phil Jasner in a phone interview today. "I believe I can help (the Kings) tremendously. Philly never said ‘You can really do this.’ I never felt I had a chance to be the player I’m capable of being.’’
Dalembert will finally use his "secret" weapon. Get ready to see Dalembert make it rain from the perimeter!!

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