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well people are going to have plenty of horror stories about getting wisdom teeth pulled. it all actually depends on how YOUR teeth are growing. i got all 4 of mine taken out at the same time. i had heard a lot of horror stories, but it wasn't nearly as bad for me. mine had grown pretty nice and straight and there were no complications. the procedure was done under local anesthesia at the dentists office and it took all of 30 minutes or so to get all 4 taken out. you feel pressure but no pain. your gums are numb but you feel blood squirting in your mouth. if you have a tough stomach, its no biggie.

the main thing is recovery. your mouth is going to swell up like crazy. ice it. take your meds. don't drink out of straw. basically do everything that the dentist tells you to do. trust me, you do not want to take your recovery nonchalantly otherwise you'll get dry sockets which are a pain in the mother ****ing ass. a friend of mine had em and he was in bad shape for a while. for me, i started feeling good in two days. still kept up with the recovery like the doctor told me to. after the surgery, you're going to feel like there is a lot of extra space in your mouth and you're tempted to explore it with your own tongue and by sucking in your cheeks, try at all cost to resist that.

the worst thing about the whole thing to me ws having really stinky breath for a couple of days.

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