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Default Re: Who plays weak-side and strong-side LBs in the NFL?

Originally Posted by -playmaker-
well, I was going through this assumig that you ment a specific LB was to be labeled "weak-side LB" the whole year or something, which I do not ever hear...(exp. DeMarcus Ware plays weak-side LB for the Dallas Cowboys, and Anthony Spencer plays strong-side LB)

if there are 2 TEs then the strong side would still be the QB's front I believe...unless like the FB (if they exist) and WRs are all on the QB's left side for that play, then I think that would be seen as the strong side going left...

If the formation is a complete mirror, (like the I-formation, or single-back) with a WR on each side then I think the strong side is still considered the QB's front...

I think there are only like 2 QBs in the NFL that are left handed, although I can't remember which off the top of my head, I do know that Steve Young is considered the greatest left handed QB ever...It is a rarity in the NFL, maybe like a left handed pitcher/hitter or something...

so for the most part the strong side is almost always the right side...
and where is the QB's front? Is the Strong-side on the right side of the field when there are two TEs on each side? Or is the strong-side on the left side of the field? Look at it from a defensive angle, don't look at it from an offensive angle either.

Originally Posted by Dasher
Keith Bullock and DJ Williams are examples of strong side linebackers, but -primetime-/-playmaker- is right with his terminology. Strong side generally equals ROLB.
By ROLB, is this from the defensive back view? or offensive back view?
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