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Default Re: Who plays weak-side and strong-side LBs in the NFL?

Originally Posted by TrueDiesel3
and where is the QB's front? Is the Strong-side on the right side of the field when there are two TEs on each side? Or is the strong-side on the left side of the field? Look at it from a defensive angle, don't look at it from an offensive angle either.
the QB's front is HIS right, if he is right handed, and his left is he is left handed...

Originally Posted by TrueDiesel3
By ROLB, is this from the defensive back view? or offensive back view?
it should be from the defensive view...I am not that familiar with Bullock but I believe he is a ROLB, so he is on the left side of the offense...

^^^ yeah there is Bullock, who was on the weak side

Titans are in a 4-3 though
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