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Originally Posted by joewait
if the university systems were so great around the world, foreigners wouldn't be trying to infest the american university system like they are. You never see americans going to foreign schools but all the foreigners jump at the ability to infest the american school system

Here's what I don't get about American universities. On a base level, it's a service. You're paying for it. Sure you can get scholarships ect. but basically you're a customer. And of course if you don't do well, you don't get A's, and I'm not saying you should get A's because you pay for it, but I think you should have more input on the curriculum.

I guess that's partly the students fault for choosing the wrong university, but just to give you an example, my buddy is working towards a BA in business administration, strongly leaning towards computers and networking. His most difficult courses were the last two semesters where he was learning Java and VB.

But the thing is, I've never been to college, I don't work with computers for my job, and I basically use them at home to surf the net, but my limited programming experience in high school was enough that I understood everything he would talk about except for the very specific terminology.

Another example, my buddy is not a sports buff like me. He likes basketball and occasionally watches the Cavs, but doesn't follow it, and knows nothing about football.

But he had a test asking him to write a program, involving football. He didn't know anything about football, so he got the question wrong. When he confronted the teacher, they said the question stands.

How is that getting your money's worth?

Him and I joke about it that I can't get a good job because he'll have the piece of paper and I won't and that's the only difference.

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