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Originally Posted by Birdhunter
The Jazz will look at Foye, Brewer and Redick in that order if they any are available. They will need to move up to probably 8 to get Foye. Although what would Houston want to swap picks? Boozer is too steep of a price at 8. Maybe a future unprotected 1st round pick next year along with their 14th pick this year could get it done.

As far as Sene goes... I don't see him ready to play for at least 2-3 years. He is long and can block shots. ALthough from the video I saw on draft express... He looked a little clumbsy. He will become a good player, although you cannot draft for potential in this league. They have the core players! They just need to add a shooter and depth.

Uh... This league has been drafting "potential" for years now. This whole draft class is nothing but "potential".
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